:-) a wise-man letter

There r more than 6 billion people in the world today (including me :-P), if u walk everyday you will meet so many faces, most of them you dont know. Are they good enuff 4 you ? Or are you good enuff 4 them? You dont know cuz simply you dont know them.

So the easiest way to know whether they are good enuff 4 u or you are good enuff 4 them is to know them personally (and it is only happen if u arent stay in the office in aturday :-))

And youll be amazed when you know that a lot of people meet all your expected-criterias. 🙂 The ball is in your hand bb, it is up to you where you want to roll it. When u choose a man with the less criteria than you expect, it is also your decision. It is good, cause i believe if you do so, you are already think about it more than three times.

BUT … isnt it easier to choose the right man among more than people? U dont have to think about it over and over, cause he fulfill all of your criteria.

U r very attractive young girl, no man will say no when u ask 🙂

U dont have to reduce your criteria at all. U will find someone, the world still wait 4 u 🙂


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  1. “U dont have to reduce your criteria at all. U will find someone(dtambah dkit someday and somewhere :)), the world still wait 4 u”,
    well i like it soo much sir..(i always said it when the people ask me why i still keep in jomblo.bukan berarti gak laku loh paak..)hahahahahahha..i’ll find the right man,in the right time.. 🙂
    -think-wise- (like u said)

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